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About Bauer International


Who We Are:

Bauer International Inc. has established an unparalleled reputation as one of the finest providers of hand crafted furnishings, accessories and fixtures to the hospitality industry, golf and country clubs, retailers, designers and specialty events. Bauer International offers a one-stop shop for the design and supply of luxury fixtures and furnishing for retail, resort and sports operations, including retail space design, accessory and fixture selection, importing, manufacturing and implementation. The company maintains a highly qualified staff of designers and manufacturers, who are able to transform an empty room into a time capsule of turn of the century luxury.



With a foundation inspired by authentic 19th century British, Dutch and French colonial designs from the West Indies, Ken Bauer, founder, president and lead designer of the Company, launched Bauer International in 1992. Combining a passion for travel and culture and their love of fine craftsmanship, Ken and his wife Dee Ann, set out on a personal journey to develop a line of hand crafted furnishings and travel accessories. From the rainforest huts of Java, sugar plantations in the West Indies and tented safaris on the Kalahari, relationships with master craftsmen were forged and centuries-old techniques were rekindled.

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Bauer International touches the lives of people across the globe. From providing much needed income to artisans and craftspeople around the world, as well as working with organizations like Aid to Artisans, Bauer strives to make a difference.

Ken is deeply involved with helping Charleston bring back it's maritime heritage through the building of a tall ship. Through much hardwork, The Spirit is now a reality and sails gracefully in the Charleston harbor when it is not on task giving students the life changing opportunity to sail as a team, often times also accomplishing a mission such as the delivery of clean water systems to Costa Rica. Visit the South Carolina Maritime Heritage Foundation for more information.

Other charities include; Rein & Shine, Special Olympics, Communities in Schools, Habitat for Humanity, and The American Heart Association.



Island House:

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Island House provides a unique opportunity for the public and trade alike to experience one of the finest collections of both antique and recently crafted pieces from the Bauer International line. It is a beautiful setting that will transport and inspire both you and your clients.

Phone: 843-884-9450
Hours are Monday thru Saturday, 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

404 Jessen Lane, Charleston, SC 29492

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