Stiles Brothers Waterfall Fixture

Handcrafted of rattan, leather, and mahogany with brass accents.

Three sides of hanging allows for presentation of one category with multiple colors, such as outerwear or camp shirts.

Can use the hanging for 3 unique items within a color story that are complimentary such as layering items (Wind Vest, Mock neck, Long sleeve knit).

Shelves can be used for items as such as coordinating bottoms or short sleeve knits.

Can make an effective presentation within a category or color story of multiple items providing an opportunity for multiple sales.

Versatile unit that can be used in a shop where ceiling height restricts effective wall units.

Dimensions: 64"W x 59"H x 39"D

Shown in Stiles Brothers finish.  Also available in Hampstead & Emerald Isle finishes.

Stiles Brothers finish - DFS105
Hampstead finish - DFY105
Emerald Isle finish - PG105
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